Bizness Solutions

As a consulting bizness we support company executives and assist them with expert
advice in establishing theformation and registration of their Bizness.
We will assist your bizness or organization with IT Tools as well so that you are able
to establish an online presencethat will put your Bizness name on the World-screen.
Card Systems (POS)
Let us assist you in setting up your credit card merchant account and a bank account,
so that you’re able to seamlessly, wirelessly and effortlessly process all your payments.
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Bizness Solutions INC, is a corporation that provides and assist small biznesses and organizations with startup, existing biznesses and organizations with restructuring from A-Z. We will provide your Bizness or organization with the necessary tools a bizness need to professionally function, such as; establishing your bizness formation, getting legally registered, website presence, branding your bizness name, marketing, administrative assistance, designing of letterhead, car door signs, logos, setting up your gateway for accepting credit cards and more. Our training department offers a number of trainings that can enhance your teams’ ability to expand and diversify into several areas. Such as; Project Management (PMP) becoming or having a project manager on your team will open up major doors of financial opportunities, then there are various Information Technology (IT) trainings that are beginning offered, we also train in Bizness Skills (Workshops, Seminars & Conferences), as well as some certifications. Give our office a call and find out how we can be of service to your Bizness
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We are here to do the work for you!

What We Do

We Support You Bringing Your Vision to Life. As specialists in small bizness consulting, we work to transform biznesses and organizations by providing innovative bizness solutions as your trusted advisors.






BIZNESS SOLUTIONS INC means partnership with integrity. They are incredible facilitators, solution providers, resourceful and connecting B2B and B2C.
K. Onanuga
Grace LLC
BIZNESS SOLUTIONS INC is highly recommended by us. Bizness Solutions INC goes the extra mile to deliver very professional services with promptness. Excellent work!
S. Ekoh
BIZNESS SOLUTIONS INC provided us with innovative strategies and access to resources that helped us save time and money.
M. L. Petty
Diamonds On A Mission

What we do

Our Services

“As consultants for small biznesses and organizations we support company executives and provide them with expert advice in the major areas of their bizness which are formation and registration of their bizness, consultations, advertising & marketing, branding & customization, IT development, and gateway/credit card systems, office solutions leasing and Bizness training.”


Leave all your concerns to us and we will assist you in establishing the most innovative bizness processes and tools


Whether your concern is to form or/and register your bizness so that it is viable and accessible for others to do bizness with you, we can make it happen with ease.


We are equipped with the IT tools to enable you to establish an online presence, with websites and other tools we use to put your name on the World-screen.

Branding & Customization

Bring your story to life, especially small biznesses or organizations identity, let us do it for you by strategizing, planning, positioning, and assisting you to execute it.

Advertising & Marketing

Outperform rapidly growing media landscape by allowing our experts to assist you with building your Bizness or organizations reputation

Gateway/Credit Card System (POS)

Let us assist you in setting up your credit card merchant account and a bank account

Office Solutions/Leasing

Bizness Solutions INC assists biznesses and organizations with finding and leasing professional and affordable office space within the DMV.

Bizness Training

We provide you with many of the necessary training that small biznesses and organizations need to be successful and meet their bottom-line

Every bizness problem has a solution and when we turn the problem inside out we will no longer see a problem, but we will now see solutions and opportunities!

E. L. Samuel